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Research Areas: Wireless and Mobile Communication

Khan, M.M., Abbasi, Q.H., Khan, M.M., Liaqat S., Kamran, M. and Saleem, Y.
A Novel Pathloss Model for Angular and Spatial Dependency of Ultra Wideband Off-Body Radio Channels
International Journal on Communications Antenna and Propagation (IRECAP)
Year: 2013
Mansoor, N., Uddin, SS.M. N., Hossain, S.
A Robust Architecture for CR-VANET in Multi-Agent Based Intelligent Traffic Management System
Jurnal Teknologi
Year: 2016
Farin N. J., Ameen M. F. A.
An Efficient Technique for Inter/Intra Network Handover Process
ULAB Journal of Science and Engineering
Year: 2014
Ali, K., Keshmiri, F., Brizzi, A., Hao, Y., Craeye, C.
Body Area Networks at Radio Frequencies: Creeping Waves and Antenna Analysis
Comptes Rendus Physique
Year: 2015
Zeb, A., Islam, M. A.K.M, Zareei, M., Mamoon, A.I., Mansoor, N., Baharun, S., Katayama, Y., Komaki, S.
Clustering Analysis in Wireless Sensor Networks: An ambit of Performance Metrics and Schemes Taxonomy
International Journal of Distributed Sensor Networks
Year: 2016
Zareei, M., Islam, M. A.K.M, Mansoor, N., Baharun, S., Mohamed, M.E., Sampei, S.
CMCS: a cross-layer mobility-aware MAC protocol for cognitive radio sensor networks
EURASIP Journal on Wireless Communications and Networking
Year: 2016
Atahary, T., Polash, S.M., Zaman, A., Dr. Rafiq, S.
Comparison of Survivability & Fault-Tolerance of Different MIP Standards
Journal of IEEE East-West Design & Test Symposium( EWDTS'09 ) Moscow, Russia
Year: 2009
Atahary, T., Hoque, E. and Khadem, S.K.
Design and Development of Microcontroller based SMS gateway for GSM mobile
Bangladesh Electronics Society
Year: 2009
Khodadadi, T., Islam M. A.K.M, Baharun, S., Komaki, S.
Evaluation of Recognition-Based Graphical Password Schemes in Terms of Usability and Security Attributes
International Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering (IJECE)
Year: 2016
Khan, M.M., Abbasi, Q.H., Alomainy, A., Parini, C. and Hao, Y.
Experimental Characterisation of Ultra-Wideband Off-Body Radio Channels Considering Antenna Effects
Institution of Engineering and Technology, IET
Year: 2013
Khan, M.M., Abbasi, Q.H., Alomainy, A. and Parini, C.
Experimental Investigation of Subject Specific On-Body Radio Propagation Channels for Body-Centric Wireless Communications
Electronics, Special Issue on Wearable Electronics
Year: 2013
Zareei, M., Islam, A. M., Vargas-Rosales, C., Mansoor, N., Goudarzi, S., Rehmani, M. H
Mobility-aware medium access control protocols for wireless sensor networks: A survey.
Journal of Network and Computer Applications
Year: 2017
Al Mamoon, I., Islam, A. M., Ahmed, A., Baharun, S., Komaki, S
Priority Aware Cognitive Radio Driven Hospital System
Wireless Personal Communications
Year: 2017
Zeb, A., Islam, A. M., Zareei, M., Al Mamoon, I., Mansoor, N., Baharun, S., Komaki, S
Clustering analysis in wireless sensor networks: the ambit of performance metrics and schemes taxonomy
International Journal of Distributed Sensor Networks
Year: 2016
Zareei, M., Islam, A. M., Mansoor, N., Baharun, S., Mohamed, E. M., Sampei, S
Cross-layer mobility-aware MAC protocol for cognitive radio sensor network
EURASIP Journal on Wireless Communications and Networking
Year: 2016
Adnan, M. A., Razzaque, M. A., Abedin, M. A., Reza, S. S., Hussein, M. R
A Novel Cuckoo Search Based Clustering Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks
Advanced Computer and Communication Engineering Technology, Springer
Year: 2016
Kaiser Kom S., Idrus, M.S., Wakabayashi, T., Islam A.K.M. M., Baharun, S. and Hassan H.W.
Perfomance Analysis and Prototype Experiment for Parallel RoF-MIMO System
Year: 2016
Rahman, A., Kar, M., Paul, B
An experiment for isolating normal & malicious node behavior in VANET
2017 IEEE Region 10 Humanitarian Technology Conference (R10-HTC)
Year: 2017

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