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Research Areas: Marketing

Ahmad A.F.W. and Panni F.A.K.
Green Marketing Strategy: A Pedagogical View
Consumerism in Business and Marketing: Concepts and Practices
Year: 2014
Hossain, S. & Sakib, M.N.
Impact of Social Media Marketing on University Student's Brand Loyalty
International Journal of Marketing and Business Communication
Year: 2016
Choudhury, N.
Analysis of Factors Influencing E-WOM Credibility
International Journal of Marketing and Business Communication.
Year: 2017
Baten, A.
How E-Commerce is Transforming in Bangladesh?
Australian Journal of Business, Social Science and Information Technology.
Year: 2016
Baten, A.
How International and Local Clothing Brands are Emerging in Bangladesh and What Impacts Consumers are Making in This Transition.
Asian Business Review.
Year: 2017
Shil, S.
Rural Marketing Strategy and Bottom -of- the-Pyramid (BoP) Models in the Emerging Markets Bangladeshi Perspectives

Year: 2015
Choudhury, N., Shahid, T.S.
Understanding the Consumer Behavior and Shopping Preferences in Relation to Superstores in Bangladesh
International Conference on Business and Management (ICBM 2017)
Year: 2017

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