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Research Areas: Finance

Bhattacharjee, M.K.
Crisis of Capital Market Bangladesh: Some contemporary issues
Comilla University Studies (Faculty of Business Studies)
Year: 2015
Zaman, S.
Estimation Procedure of Cost of Capital of Private Commercial Banks in Bangladesh: An Analysis
SouthWest Review of International Business Research
Year: 2011
Liton, C.
Financial Development and Economic Growth Nexus in Bangladesh: Empirical Evidence from Time Series A
Indian Institute of Management
Year: 2009
Shah, P. and Habib, S.M.A.
Implications of the Current Global Crisis for Trade Financing of Banks in Bangladesh
Banking and Finance Letters, International Economic Society
Year: 2010
Zaman, S.
Is Growth of a Company a Prime Indicator of its Dividend Policy? Spotlight on Private Commercial Banks of Bangladesh
World Business Institute
Year: 2012
Zaman , S.
Size of Commercial Bank in Bangladesh is a Major Indicator of its Dividend Policy, True or False?
World Business Institute
Year: 2012
Isaksson, A. and Islam, M.M.
The Ex-Dividend Day Price Behaviour of Blue-Chip Stocks: International Evidence
A Journal of Finance and Accounting
Year: 2013
Sunon, K.H.
Forecasting Inflation: The Predictive Ability and Stability of Financial Variables
Journal of Applied Business and Economics
Year: 2017
Sunon, K.H.
Market Reactions at the Equity Offerings Announcement: A Short Window Event Study
Journal of Accounting and Finance
Year: 2018
Ahmed, M.A.
Financial distress analysis of Special Treatment companies in China
International Journal of Chinese Culture and Management
Year: 2017
Chowdhury, S.H.
Mass Customization through Manufacturing Postponement Strategy: The Case of Build-A-Bear Workshop Mashruha Zabeen and Shafayat Hossain Chowdhury
American Journal of Business, Economics and Management
Year: 2017
Shil, S.
Clash in Corporate Rating: A study on competition among credit rating agencies and their neutrality in rating, a Bangladeshi perspective

Year: 2015
Chowdhury, S.H.
Growth of the RMG Sector in Bangladesh: A Paradox to Porters Diamond Model
2nd International Conference o
Year: 2016

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