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Bengal Lights

Jahan, S.H.
Archaeology of Buddhism in Bangladeshi Prior to the 13th Century
Saptaparni , volume: 5 , issue: 3 , Year: 2016

Islam, M.S.
Comparative Study on Management Practices Between Organic and Chemical Farming
Australia New Zealand Journal of Social Business, Environment and Sustainability (ANJEBES), Year: 2016

Jahan, S.H.
Ma Durga
Trinayani, Year: 2016

Islam, M.S.
Minor Crops in Bangladesh: Scope and Limitations
Journal of Agriculture and Crops (JAC), Year: 2016

Islam, M.S.
Study on Home Based Farming: Inputs and Diversity
Academic Journal of Life Sciences(IJRIES), Year: 2016

Sultana, R.
The House on the Mango Street: Searching for Identity
East West Journal of Humanities , Year: 2016

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