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Bengal Lights

Glover, I.C. and Jahan, S.H.
An Early Northwest Indian Decorated Bronze Bowl from Khao Sam Kaeo
Bangkok: River Books and The Siam Society, Year: 2014

Jahan, S.H.
Bhitargarh: A Ruined City of Prthu Rājā in Ancient Kāmrūpa
New Delhi: Research India Press, Year: 2014

Hussein, A.
Electric Shadows
BLB Publications, Year: 2014

Ahmed, K.A.
Forty Steps
BLB Publications, Year: 2014

Islam, K.
On the Side of the Enemy
BLB Publications, Year: 2014

Jahan, S.H.
Sonārgāon: A Medieval Port City in Bangladesh
Kolkata: Setu Prakashani, Year: 2014

Islam, S.
Training Module on Organic Cultivation
Center for Sustainable Development, University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh , Year: 2014

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