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Bengal Lights

Jahan, S.H.
Archaeology of the Birthplace of Atisa Dipankar Srijanan
, Year: 2013

Jahan, S.H.
Bhitargarh: The largest fortified settlement in Bangladesh
, Year: 2013

Hasan, S.
Rainwater Harvesting in Bangladesh, Potentials, Challenges and Stakeholders Responses
, Year: 2013

Pierre, M.
River bank Erosion, chars and Internal Migration in North-West Bangladesh
, Year: 2013

Sabet, D. and Tazreen, A.
The Cost of Political Instability
, issue: May2013 , Year: 2013

Sabet, D.and Ishtiaque, A.S.
Understanding the Hallmark-Sonali Bank Loan Scandal
, issue: January2013 , Year: 2013

Tazreen, A. and Sabet. D.M.
Working Safety in Bangladesh: Looking Beyond Garments
, issue: April 2013 , Year: 2013

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