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Bengal Lights

Sabet, D.M.
Co-Production and Oversight: Citizens and Their Police
Washington D.C.: Woodrow Wilso, Year: 2012

Sabet, D.M. (with Olson, E.L.)
El régimen disciplinario de la Policía Federal
México D.F.: Secretaría de Seg, Year: 2012

Sabet, D.M. (with Ahmad, S.)
Legality, Legitimacy, and Consent: Sex Workers and their Children in Bangladesh
University of Liberal Arts Ban, Year: 2012

Sabet, D.M. & Ahmed, S.
Legtimacy, Legality and Consent: Sex workers and their children in Bangladesh
, Year: 2012

Sabet, D.M.
Nonprofit Networks: Explaining Emergence, Effectiveness, and Density
Mexico: Noriega Editores, Year: 2012

Sabet, D.M.
The Role of Citizens and Civil Society in Mexico’s Security Crisis.”
Arizona University Press, Year: 2012

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