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Year: 2015


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Rahman, N., Zaman, T., Zaman, S.
A Study of Adaption of Foreign Texts by the Major Theatre Groups of Bangladesh(2004-2014)
, Year: 2015

Ismail, A., Tanzeer, S. and Rajeb, M.
Analysis of Gender Sensitivity on Academic Performances and Employment Compensations: A Study on Graduates of Private Universities of Bangladesh
, Year: 2015

Haq, K. and Rahman, A.G.
Literature on the side: A critical and historical study of little magazines in English and the literary supplements of English Language newspapers
, Year: 2015

Rahman, A.G., Mortuza, S.
Lost in Translation: Making Sense of Bangla Phrases and Idioms
, Year: 2015

Mobin, I., Tusher, O.
Open Air Security System for VIPs
, Year: 2015

Mobin, I., Mohammed, N., Apu, S.
Real time Power Consumption monitoring via webs and apps
, Year: 2015

Quarmal, S.B., Akhter, M.
Selling Tobacco to Bangladeshi Youth: Marketing Communication Strategies and their Impact on Smoker Initiation
, Year: 2015

Genilo, J.W.R., Akther, M., Haque, M.
Women's Citizenship in Digital Bangladesh
, Year: 2015

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