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Genilo, J.W.R., Rahman, D.M.S., Kader, M.A.
Constructing Local Knowledge and Practices in the Sundarbans
, Year: 2014

Hossain, S., Mahmood H. Z., Mahmud, N., Azad, A.K.A., Jalal, A.H. Roy, S., Sabrina, F.
HAMiGram: Holistic Arsenic Mitigation Program (A Holistic Mitigation Approach to Arsenic Contamination Via Sensing, Communication and Collaboration)
, Year: 2014

Ismail, A., Tanzeer, S., Rajeb, M.
How well reflected undergrad GPAs are in earnings?: A comparative analysis in the context of Bangladesh
, Year: 2014

Mahboob, M., Mazumder, R.K., Azad, A.K.A., Roy, S.
Measurement and Analysis of Traffic Noise
, Year: 2014

Momen, S., Hossain, S., Mahmud, N., Azad, A.K.A., Ameen, M.F.A.
Poor Utilization of Road Networks & Variable Vehicular Speed: An Empirical and Modelling Study of the Factors to Traffic Congestion
, Year: 2014

Saleheen, S.U.
Professional Development for English Language Teachers in Bangladesh: Opportunities and Challenges
, Year: 2014

Islam, M. Islam, A.
Relationship between exchange rate and equity prices
, Year: 2014

Islam, A
Relationship between Exchange Rate and Equity prices in an Emerging Market: A Continuous Wavelet-based Analysis for Bangladesh
, Year: 2014

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