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Zareei, M., Islam, A. M., Vargas-Rosales, C., Mansoor, N., Goudarzi, S., Rehmani, M. H
Mobility-aware medium access control protocols for wireless sensor networks: A survey.
Journal of Network and Computer Applications, Year: 2017

Al Mamoon, I., Islam, A. M., Ahmed, A., Baharun, S., Komaki, S
Priority Aware Cognitive Radio Driven Hospital System
Wireless Personal Communications , Year: 2017

Rahman, M.S., Basu, A., Kiyomoto, S., Bhuiyan, M. A
Privacy-friendly secure bidding for smart grid demand-response
Information Sciences, Elsevier, Year: 2017

Tran, T., Rahman, M.S., Bhuiyan, M. Z. A., Kubota, A., Kiyomoto, S., Omote, K.
Optimizing share size in efficient and robust secret sharing scheme for big data
IEEE Transactions on Big Data, Year: 2017

Rahman, M.S., Basu, A., Kiyomoto, S.
Decentralized ciphertext-policy attribute-based encryption: a post-quantum construction
Journal of Internet Services and Information Security (JISIS), Year: 2017

Rahman, M.S.
Importance of Generic Construction of Block-Cipher Based Compression Function
ULAB Journal of Science and Engineering, Year: 2017

Mahmud, K. R., MM, R., Azad, A., Kalam, A
Parametric studies and reliability of near-wall turbulence modeling for Large Eddy Simulation of incompressible flows
Journal of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering \& UiTM Press, Year: 2017

Biswas, M., Islam, R., Shom, G. K., Shopon, M., Mohammed, N., Momen, S., Abedin, A
Bangla Lekha-Isolated: A multi-purpose comprehensive dataset of Handwritten Bangla Isolated characters
Data in brief, Elsevier, Year: 2017

Ozawa, S., Dahanayaka, D. D. G. L., Warnajith, N., Quarmal, S. B
Renovation of Research and Education in South Asian Countries by Means of ICT
OUSL Journal, Year: 2017

Ali, H. M., Boddy, J., O'Leary, P., Ewart, J
Exploring the use of public relations in organising activism: Implications for addressing gender-based violence in the developing world
Asia Pacific Public Relations Journal, Year: 2017

Moniruzzaman, A.F.M.
Past, present & future of animation in Bangladesh
 Bangladesh Cinema and Television Institute Journal, Year: 2017

Haq, K.H.
The Aftermath of Empire
Wasafiri: A Journal of Contemporary Writing, Year: 2017

Haq, K.H.
"The Testament of a Pseudo Translator"
Ravenshaw Journal of Literary and Cultural Studies , Year: 2017

Mortuza, S.
Beyond ‘kalapani’and Tagore’s search for a shared regional identity
Journal of the Indian Ocean Region, Year: 2017

Rahman, A. G
Kindred: A Story of Appropriation, Bonding, and Power
InSight: Rivier Academic Journal, Year: 2017

Manzoor, S.
Conor McPherson’s Seafarer: A Mythic Journey of Wretched Souls
Crossings: A Journal of English Studies, Year: 2017

Manzoor, S.
“When the Woman Speaks: A Reading of Christina Rossetti’s ‘Repining’ and ‘Autumn’.”
Spectrum: Journal of the Department of English, University of Dhaka., Year: 2017

Sunon, K.H.
Forecasting Inflation: The Predictive Ability and Stability of Financial Variables
Journal of Applied Business and Economics, Year: 2017

Choudhury, N.
Analysis of Factors Influencing E-WOM Credibility
International Journal of Marketing and Business Communication., Year: 2017

Baten, A.
How International and Local Clothing Brands are Emerging in Bangladesh and What Impacts Consumers are Making in This Transition.
Asian Business Review., Year: 2017

Ahmed, M.A.
Financial distress analysis of ‘Special Treatment’ companies in China
International Journal of Chinese Culture and Management, volume: 4 , Year: 2017

Chowdhury, M.F.
Ferdous custom made tailors fabrics fashions: New challenges ahead
Asia-Pacific Journal of Management Research and Innovation, Year: 2017

Chowdhury, M.F.
Employer expectation regarding graduate applications during job interview
International Journal of Bangladesh Society for Human Resource Management, Year: 2017

Ismail, A.
Gender Sensitivity of Career Progression: Studying the Banking Industry of Bangladesh
International Journal of Bangladesh Society for Human Resources Management (IJBSHRM): Bangladesh Society for Human Resources Management (BSHRM)., Year: 2017

Hossain, S.
Impact of Selected Determinants on Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in Bangladesh: An Empirical Study Based on Panel Data
Journal of Applied Business and Economics, Year: 2017

Chowdhury, S.H.
Mass Customization through Manufacturing Postponement Strategy: The Case of Build-A-Bear Workshop Mashruha Zabeen and Shafayat Hossain Chowdhury
American Journal of Business, Economics and Management, Year: 2017

Azad, T.M.A.K.
Estimation of River Polluted by explicit finite difference schemes for the advection diffusion equation
Jahangirnagar University Journal of Science , Year: 2017

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