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Azad, T.M.A.K., and Andallah, L.S.
An Explicit Finite Difference Method
ULAB Journal of Science & Engineering, Year: 2015

Azad, T.M.A.K., Begum, M. and Andallah, L.S.
An explicit finite difference scheme for advection diffusion equation
Jahangirnagar Journal of Math. & Mathematical Sciences, Year: 2015

Bose, S.
Analyses of Quality of Work Life in Bangladesh: A Comparative Study on Software Firms
International Journal of Applied Psychology, volume: 5 , issue: Number 6, November 2015 , Year: 2015

Ali, K., Keshmiri, F., Brizzi, A., Hao, Y., Craeye, C.
Body Area Networks at Radio Frequencies: Creeping Waves and Antenna Analysis
Comptes Rendus Physique, volume: 16 , issue: 9 , Year: 2015

Chowdhury, M.F.
Coding, sorting and sifting of qualitative data analysis: debates and discussions
Quality and Quantity: International Journalof Methodology , volume: 49 , issue: 3 , Year: 2015

Mortuza, S.
Coyote and the Storyteller: Simon Ortiz Revisited
BAAS Journal, issue: Special Martin Luther King Issue , Year: 2015

Bhattacharjee, M.K.
Crisis of Capital Market Bangladesh: Some contemporary issues
Comilla University Studies (Faculty of Business Studies), volume: 1 , issue: No-1, December 2014 , Year: 2015

Saleheen, M.S.U.
Errors in Writing: Identification of Problems and Need for refinement
Crossings: A Journal of English Studies, volume: 6 , issue: 2015 , Year: 2015

Dahanayaka, G., Quarmal, S.B., Warnajith, N., Dassanayake, G., Tonooka, H., Minato, A., Ozawa, S.
Expansion of the Remote Sensing Research on water environments of Asia through KISSEL Server System
ICT for Development Working Paper Series, volume: 5 , issue: Number 1, June 2015 , Year: 2015

Joarder, A.H.
Factorising a quadratic expression with geometric insights.
Australian Senior Mathematics Journal, volume: 29 , issue: 1 , Year: 2015

Momen, S. and Tabassum, K.T.
Group Performance in a Swarm of Simulated Mobile Robots
ULAB Journal of Science and Engineering, Year: 2015

Chowdhury, G.S.
Translated Short Story, BLB , issue: SUMMER, 2015 , Year: 2015

Linda, I.J. and Kamal, S.
Ispahani Tea: Brewing Success through Innovation and Excellence
IOSR Journal of Business and Management, Year: 2015

Ismail, A.
Knowing the learners: An Analysis of the Online Teaching-learning Platform
ICT for Development Working Paper Series , volume: 5 , issue: Number 1 June 2015 , Year: 2015

Khan, H. K., and Quarmal, S. B
Mobile Phone as Parenting Device in Dhaka City
ICT for Development Working Paper Series, volume: 5 , issue: Number 2, December 2015 , Year: 2015

Khan, M. M., Ashique, R. H., Liya, B. N., Sajjad, M. M., Rahman, M. A., and Amin, M. H
New wavelet Thresholding Algorithm in dropping ambient noise from underwater acoustic signals
Journal of Electromagnetic analysis and applications, issue: March-2015 , Year: 2015

Rahman, M.M., Mojumder, S., Saha, S., Joarder, Anwar H., Saidur, R. and Goni, A.J
Numerical and statistical analysis on unsteady magnetohydrodynamic convection in semicircular enclosure filled with ferrofluid.
International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, Year: 2015

Shil, S.
Positive Accounting Theory and Changes in Accounting Principles: An Exploratory Inquiry into Bangladeshi Listed Companies
Independent Business Review, Year: 2015

Ali, H. and Chowdhury, M.F.
Positivism in understanding the contemporary social world: a critical discussion
Journal of Studies inSocial Science , volume: 11 , issue: 2 , Year: 2015

Quarmal, S.B. and Osmani, M.H.
Role of Social Media in Shaping the Communication Behavior of Urban Youth
ICT for Development Working Paper Series, volume: 5 , issue: Number 2, December 2015 , Year: 2015

Rahman, A.G.
Sonnets from the Portuguese: Understanding the Changes in the Sequencing
Rivier Academic Journal, Rivier University, Nashua, NH, USA, volume: 11 , issue: No. 1, Spring 2015 , Year: 2015

Joarder, A. H. and Omar, M. H.
Testing Correlation and Homoscedasticity in a Bivariate T-Population
ULAB Journal of Science and Engineering, volume: 6 , issue: 1 , Year: 2015

Mortuza, S.
The Curious Case of Kafka’s Odradek
Crossings, ULAB, volume: 5 , Year: 2015

Haq, K.
The Hijra Comes in from the Heat and Dust:Notes towards a definition of Bangladeshi
Wasafiri: an International Journal (U.K.), issue: Autumn , Year: 2015

Rahman, A.G. (and 9 others)
The Limits of Love (Translation)
Bengal Lights Literary Journal, issue: Summer 2015 , Year: 2015

Rahman, N. & Zaman, T.
The Unheard Stories of Sophocles’ Jocasta and Manto’s Women: Addressing Social Taboos through Experimental Adaptations in Bangladeshi Theater
Crossings, A Journal of English Studies, volume: 6 , issue: 2014 , Year: 2015

Rahman, A.G.
The Woman/Poet/Wife: Emily Dickinson and the Influence of Elizabeth Barrett Browning
Crossings: A Journal of English Studies, University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh, Dhaka, volume: 6 , issue: 2015 , Year: 2015

Genilo, J.W. & Akther, M.
Women’s Inclusion in Digital Bangladesh
ICT for Development Working Paper Series , volume: 5 , issue: No.1, June 2015 , Year: 2015

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