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Ahmed, E., Islam, A., Sarker, F., Huda, M. N.,Abdullah-Al-Mamun, K.
A road to independent living with smart homes for people with disabilities
, Year: 2016

Hoque, M. T., Rifat-Ut-Tauwab, M., Kabir, M. F., Sarker, F., Huda, M. N., Abdullah-Al-Mamun, K
Automated Bangla Sign Language Translation System: Prospects, Limitations and Applications
, Year: 2016

Tumpa, S. N., Manjur, N., Sarker, F., Mamun, K. A
Smart-NDA: A Cloud based Framework for Smart Device Integrated Automated Neurodevelopmental Disorder Screening Tool
, Year: 2016

Khan, M. N. R., Pias, M. N., Habib, K., Hossain, M., Sarker, F., Mamun, K. A
Bolte Chai: An augmentative and alternative communication device for enhancing communication for nonverbal children
, Year: 2016

Sharif, S. M. A., Mohammed, N., Momen, S., Mansoor, N
Classification of Bangla Compound Characters Using a HOG-CNN Hybrid Model
, Year: 2016

Farin, N. J., Mansoor, N., Momen, S., Mobin, I., Mohammed, N
Sequence Classification: A Regression Based Generalization of Two-stage Clustering
, Year: 2016

Uddin, S. N., Mansoor, N., Rahman, M., Mohammed, N., Hossain, S
A Framework for Event Anomaly Detection in Cognitive Radio Based Smart Community
, Year: 2016

Farin, N. J., Rimon, M. N. A. A., Momen, S., Uddin, M. S., Mansoor, N.
A Framework for Dynamic Vehicle Pooling and Ride-Sharing System
, Year: 2016

Sharif, S. M. A., Mohammed, N., Mansoor, N., Momen, S
A hybrid deep model with HOG features for Bangla handwritten numeral classification
, Year: 2016

Mansoor, N., Islam, A. M., Zareei, M., Baharun, S., Komaki, S.
A Novel On-Demand Routing Protocol for Cluster-Based Cognitive Radio Ad-Hoc Network
, Year: 2016

Shopon, M., Mohammed, N., Abedin, M. A
Bangla Handwritten Digit Recognition Using Autoencoder and Deep Convolutional Neural Network
, Year: 2016

Genilo, J. W. R., & Quarmal, S. B
Communication Management in Bangladeshi B-Schools: Acceptance and Resistance
, Year: 2016

Arif, K.
Breaking the Fourth Wall in K-Pop: Voyeurism and Talking About Reverse Panopticons
, Year: 2016

Mortuza, S.
Beyond Kalapani: A Reading of Tagore’s Letters from Java. Intersection of Culture in the Indian Ocean Region
, Year: 2016

Manzoor, S.
"Male Actors as Women and the Problem of Cross-dressing in Shakespeare's As you Like It and Twelfth Night"
, Year: 2016

Chowdhury, S.H.
Growth of the RMG Sector in Bangladesh: A Paradox to Porter’s Diamond Model
2nd International Conference o, Year: 2016

Ismail, A.
Conference paper presentation:From Ms. Marvel to Ms. Shabash: Sex and Power Distribution in Bangladeshiand Western Culture
The Fifth Euro Academia Forum, Year: 2016

Ismail, A.
Exploring the Role of Graphic Novels in Teaching at Tertiary Level
International Conference on Te, Year: 2016

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