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Shoesmith B., Genilo J.W R., Ohlmacher J., Akther M., Bhowmick B.Ch., Haque M. and Chowdhury I.A.
BANGLADESH’S CHANGING MEDIASCAPE From State Control to Market Forces
Intellect Book (UK), University of Chicago press, USA, Year: 2014

Rahman, A.G.
Bhoirob: An Epic Novel (Translated from Bangla to English)
, Year: 2014

Bhowmick B.Ch.
Chalochchittrey Galpo Bola: Dhape Dhape Chitronatyo Likhon (Telling story for film).
Somoy Prakashan, Year: 2014

Kabir, S.
Oitijjhya, Year: 2014

Haq, K.
Shaheed Quadri: Poet-Addabaz Extraordinaire
Bengal Lights, Year: 2014

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