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Azad, T.M.A.K., and Andallah, L.S.
An Explicit Finite Difference Method
ULAB Journal of Science & Engineering, Year: 2015

Azad, T.M.A.K., Begum, M. and Andallah, L.S.
An explicit finite difference scheme for advection diffusion equation
Jahangirnagar Journal of Math. & Mathematical Sciences, Year: 2015

Bose, S.
Analyses of Quality of Work Life in Bangladesh: A Comparative Study on Software Firms
International Journal of Applied Psychology, volume: 5 , issue: Number 6, November 2015 , Year: 2015

Ali, K., Keshmiri, F., Brizzi, A., Hao, Y., Craeye, C.
Body Area Networks at Radio Frequencies: Creeping Waves and Antenna Analysis
Comptes Rendus Physique, volume: 16 , issue: 9 , Year: 2015

Momen, S. and Tabassum, K.T.
Group Performance in a Swarm of Simulated Mobile Robots
ULAB Journal of Science and Engineering, Year: 2015

Khan, M. M., Ashique, R. H., Liya, B. N., Sajjad, M. M., Rahman, M. A., and Amin, M. H
New wavelet Thresholding Algorithm in dropping ambient noise from underwater acoustic signals
Journal of Electromagnetic analysis and applications, issue: March-2015 , Year: 2015

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