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Farin N. J., Ameen M. F. A.
An Efficient Technique for Inter/Intra Network Handover Process
ULAB Journal of Science and Engineering , volume: 5 , issue: 1 , Year: 2014

Williams, Q., Kelley, M., Castillo, C., Lukac, M., Hossain, S., Kim, D.H., Allen, J., Sunardi, M., Perkowski, S.
An Emotional Mimicking Humanoid Biped Robot and its Quantum Control Based on the Contrsint Satisfaction Model
The proceedings of the International Conference, ULSI, Year: 2014

Roy, S.
Extremely Low Power FIR Filter for a Smart Dust Sensor Module
Computer Science Journals, volume: 6 , issue: 3 , Year: 2014

Nizam, A.M., Adnan, N. and Islam, M.R.
Illegal VoIP How to Detect and Counter
BIID & ULAB, Year: 2014

Amin M.T.H., Ashique R.H., Lia B.N., Osman I, Chakraborty T.K.
RF Propagation Improvement for Machine to Machine Communication using Dipole Antenna
International Journal of Electronics and Electrical Engineering, volume: 2 , issue: 1 , Year: 2014

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