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Rahman, M.M., Uddin, M. S., Hasan, M. M.
3D Segmentation and Visualization of Left Coronary Arteries of Heart Using CT images
IJCA Special Issue on Computer Aided Soft Computing Techniques for Imaging and Biomedical Applications, Year: 2010

Rahman, M.M., Alam, A.U., Mamun, A.A., Mursalin, T.E.
A More Appropriate Protein Classification Using Data Mining
Journal of Theoretical and Applied Technology( JATIT ), volume: 19 , issue: 1 , Year: 2010

Sarwar, S.M., Rahman, M. and Kamal, M.H.
A Novel Alogrithm to Determine the Quality of Web Page for Improving the Search Engine Ranking Franework
Journal of Computing, volume: 4 , issue: October 2012 , Year: 2012

Roy, S., Nipun, M.K. & Wikner, J.J.
A Novel Study of the Advantages of STSC Logic Over Other Logic Styles for Ultra Low-Voltage and Low-Energy Digital Application at 45nm Process Technology
International Journal of Electronics Engineering Serials Publications, Year: 2012

Ashrafee,, T., Ahmed, F., Mahmood, Z.H., Haq, S., Rahman, M. and Rouf, R.A.
A Simulation Based Study on Characteristics of Optical Filters
Bangladesh Physical Society, Year: 2012

Uddin, M.S.
Accelerating fast Fourier transformation for image processing using graphics processing unit
Journal of Emerging Trends in Computing and Information Sciences, Year: 2011

Roy, S., Nipun, M.K. and Moniruzzaman, M.
All Digital Low Power DLL Based Frequency Multiplier Design by using 0.35-µm Process CMOS technology
IJCIT, volume: 03 , issue: 01, Manuscript Paper: 120701 , Year: 2012

Atahary, T., Zaman, A., Dr. Rafiq, S.
Analysis of Event-related Response in Human Visual Cortex with fMRI
Journal of World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology (WASET), volume: 57 , Year: 2009

Islam, M.S. and Uddin, M.S.
Analysis of Odd Order Distortion in Mach-Zehnder Modulator for CATV System
ULAB Journal of Science and Engineering , volume: 1 , Year: 2010

Atahary, T., Polash, S.M., Zaman, A., Dr. Rafiq, S.
Comparison of Survivability & Fault-Tolerance of Different MIP Standards
Journal of IEEE East-West Design & Test Symposium( EWDTS'09 ) Moscow, Russia, volume: 3 , Year: 2009

Atahary, T., Hoque, E. and Khadem, S.K.
Design and Development of Microcontroller based SMS gateway for GSM mobile
Bangladesh Electronics Society, volume: 8 , issue: I-II , Year: 2009

Majid, N., Saha, S. and Aditya, S.K.
Design of Shift Register Counters using Quantum Principle
Dhaka University Jorunal of Science, volume: 58 , issue: 2 , Year: 2010

Majid, N.
Design of Shift Register Counters using Quantum Principle,
Dhaka University Journal of Science, Year: 2011

Uddin, M.S. and Akter, M.
Development of a Knowledge-Based Diagnosis of Management System for Diabetes Mellitus through Web
ULAB Journal of Science and Engineering, volume: 1 , Year: 2010

Das, D.
Development of E-Health Application for Rural Community of Bangladesh
Journal of Applied Theoretical and Information Technology (JATIT) Pakistan, volume: 22 , issue: 1 , Year: 2010

Roy, S., Jalal, A.H. and Ahad, M.A.
Evanescent-based Clad-modified Polymer Optical Fibre Sensor for Ammonia Gas Detection
Shahjalal University and Technology, Sylhet, Bangladesh, Year: 2012

Uddin, M.S.
Extraction of ROI in Graphical Map Image
Journal of Emerging Trends in Computing and Information Sciences , Year: 2011

Jalal, A.H., Yu, J. and Nnanna, A.G.A.
Fabrication and Calibration of Oxazine-based Optic Fibre Sensor for Detection of Ammonia in Water
Optical Society of America, volume: 51 , issue: 17 , Year: 2012

Uddin, M.S. and Sultana, M.
Fast Holographic Image Reconstruction using Graphics Processing Unit
ULAB journal of science and engineering, Year: 2011

Galib, O.F.M. A., Roy, S. and Jalal, A.H.
Introduction to Suspended Graphene Formation- The Future of Nano-Devices
University of Dhaka & BUET, Year: 2012

Haq, S.
Nanotechnology and its Prospects in Bangladesh
University of Dhaka & BUET, Year: 2012

Nnanna, A.A. and Jalal, A.H.
Oxazine-based Sensor for Contaminate Detection, Fabrication Method Therefor, and Uses Thereof
Purdue Research Foundation, Year: 2012

Momen, S., Mahmud, K. and Joarder, M.M. A.
Performance Analysis of Task Allocation Strategies in Groups of Mobile Agents
Jahangir Nagar University, Year: 2012

Nizam, A.M., Adnan, N., Islam, M.R. and Kabir, M.A.
Properties of Stochastic Kronecker Graph
International Journal of Computer Sciences Issues, volume: 9 , issue: 4 , Year: 2012

Majid, N.
Proposition of a multipurpose Quantum Gate capable of computing all elementary 1-bit and 2 bit logical operations
Journal of Applied Science and Engineering , Year: 2011

Haque, H.M. J., and Khan, M.H.
Quality of ICT Service at Higher Educational Institutions in Bangladesh
ULAB Journal of Science and Engineering, volume: 1 , Year: 2010

Uddin, M.S.
Restoration of uneven illumination in light sheet microscopy images
Microscopy and Microanalysis, Year: 2011

Haq, S., Ashrafee, T., Begum, M., Sharmin, T., Bhowmick, N. and Mahmood, Z.H.
Room Temperature Synthesis and Characterization of Au Nanoparticles
Advanced Materials Research, volume: 159 , Year: 2010

Haq, S.
Room temperature synthesis and characterization of AU Nanoparticles,
Micro Nano Devices, Structure and Computing Systems, Year: 2011

Haque, H.M. J., Das, D. and Farzana, R.
Satisfaction of student services in tertiary level: Perspective Bangladesh
European Journal of Social Science, Year: 2011

Giesecke, N., Hossain, S. Kim, D.H., Perkowski, M.
Search for Universal Ternary Quantum Gate Sets with Exact Minimum Costs,
Embedded Software Design (Journal of System Architecture), The EUROMICRO Journal, Year: 2009

Hossain, S., Perkowski, M.
The affine gates and affine polarities for quantum arrays with small costs
17th International Workshop on Post-Binary ULSI Systems, Year: 2008

Gomes, R., Uddin, M.S. and Hossain, S.
Vision-Based Recognition of Identity Card in Mobile Platform
IEEE ICIEV 2012, Year: 2012

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