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Biswas, M., Islam, R., Shom, G. K., Mohammed, N., Momen, S., Mansoor, N., Abedin, A
Application of image retrieval for aesthetic evaluation and improvement suggestion of isolated Bangla handwritten characters
International Conference on Signal and Image Processing Applications (ICSIPA 2017), Year: 2017

Mansoor, N
FITSYS: A Conceptual Framework for Intelligent Transportation System Driven Smart City in Bangladesh
57th Annual Convention, The Institute of Engineers Bangladesh (IEB), Year: 2017

Shopon, M., Mohammed, N., Abedin, M. A.
Image Augmentation by Blocky Artifact in Deep Convolutional Neural Network for Handwritten Digit Recognition
International Conference on Imaging, Vision & Pattern Recognition (icIVPR), Year: 2017

Rahman, A., Kar, M., Paul, B
An experiment for isolating normal & malicious node behavior in VANET
2017 IEEE Region 10 Humanitarian Technology Conference (R10-HTC), Year: 2017

Kiyomoto, S., Basu, A., Rahman, M. S., Ruj, S
On blockchain-based authorization architecture for beyond-5G mobile services
12th International Conference for Internet Technology and Secured Transactions (ICITST), Year: 2017

Kiyomoto, S., Rahman, M. S., & Basu, A
On blockchain-based anonymized dataset distribution platform
Proceedings of the 15th ACIS International Conference on Software Engineering Research, Management and Applications (SERA 2017), IEEE, Year: 2017

Xu, R., Morozov, K., Basu, A., Rahman, M. S., Kiyomoto, S
Security Analysis of a Verifiable Server-Aided Approximate Similarity Computation
Proceedings of the International Workshop on Security (IWSEC), LNCS, Springer, Year: 2017

Al Omar, A., Rahman, M. S., Basu, A., Kiyomoto, S
Medibchain: A blockchain based privacy preserving platform for healthcare data
Proceedings of the 3rd International Symposium on Dependability in Sensor, Cloud, and Big Data Systems and Applications (DependSys), LNCS, Springer, Year: 2017


Ahmed, N., Kulsum, U., Azad, M. I. B., Momtaz, A. Z., Haque, M. E., Rahman, M. S
Proceedings of the 5th IEEE Region 10 (Asia Pacific) Humanitarian Technology Conference (R10HTC), Year: 2017

Basu, A., Rahman, M. S., Xu, R., Fukushima, K., Kiyomoto, S
VIGraph--A Framework for Verifiable Information
Proceedings of the 11th IFIP WG 11.11 International Conference on Trust Management (IFIPTM), LNCS, Springer, Year: 2017

Thao, T. P., Miyaji, A., Rahman, M. S., Kiyomoto, S., Kubota, A.
Robust ORAM: Enhancing Availability, Confidentiality and Integrity
Proceedings of the 22nd IEEE Pacific Rim International Symposium on Dependable Computing (PRDC), Year: 2017

Hassan, A., Amin, M. R., Al Azad, A. K., Mohammed, N.
Sentiment analysis on bangla and romanized bangla text using deep recurrent models
3rd International Conference on Electrical Engineering and Information Communication Technology (ICEEICT), Year: 2017

Rahman, L., Mohammed, N., Al Azad, A. K
A new LSTM model by introducing biological cell state
3rd International Conference on Electrical Engineering and Information Communication Technology (ICEEICT, Year: 2017

Azad, T.M.A.K
Numerical Solution of Convection Diffusion Equation
20th International Mathematics Conference 2017, University of Dhaka, Year: 2017

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