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Quader, S.B.
A brief outline of how the international popular music industry manipulates and exploits the audiences
The journal of social studies, Year: 2011

Rahman, A.
A Political Economy of the Emerging Television News Industry in Bangladesh
Revista Eptic On Line, volume: 11 , issue: 2 , Year: 2009

Haque M.
A study on cultural adaptation of Bangladeshi Male Students at UIA, Malaysia
American Journal of sociological research, Year: 2011

Genilo, J.W., Akhter, M., Chowdhury, I.A.
A survey of Public relations practice in Bangladesh
Media Asia an Asian Communication quarterly, Year: 2011

Genilo, J.W.
Communication and construction of local knowledge in Thai rice farming village
Millennial Asia an international journal of Asian Studies, Year: 2011


Community-Based Communication: A New Approach to Development Communication
The Asian Scholar, issue: 3 , Year: 2010

Akter, M.
Credibility of TV News in Bangladesh: A Theoretical Framework
Communica Journal of Communication, volume: 1 , issue: 3 , Year: 2009

Haque, M.
Farming Islam: The media Coverage of Persian gulf war
The journal of social studies, Year: 2011

Pervez, A.
Information as Form
Triple C, volume: 7 , issue: 1 , Year: 2009

Genilo, J.W. and Akther, M.
New media, knowledge acquisition and participatory governance in rural Bangladesh
Information Communication Technology, Year: 2011

Genilo, J. W.
On Producing High Caliber PR Professionals in Bangladesh
Swaranika, Year: 2009

Haque, M.
Social Representation of women in TV soap operas: Myth or Reality
The journal of social studies, Year: 2011

Asiuzzaman, M.
The Electronic Media: Reiginiting Nationalism in Bangladesh
South Asian Journal, issue: 38 , Year: 2012

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