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Rashid S.R. and Sikder, M.J.U
Choosing a Life: Remittances and Youth Aspirations in Bangladeshi Villages
Migration out of Poverty RPC, Year: 2016

Harun, A.
Death Rituals as Rites of Passages: Anthropological Perspectives
Journal of Social Studies, issue: 149 , Year: 2016

Harun, A.
Is ‘Person’ Universal?: A Review of Anthropological Perspectives on Personhood and Individual
Nrvjana Patrika, volume: 21 , Year: 2016

Shafie, H. and Harun, A.
Mortal Man and the Immortal Dead: Deciphering Dead as a Mirror of Life in Anthropology
Journal of Social Science Review, Year: 2016

Sikder, M.J.U. and Higgins, V.
Remittances and Social Resilience: A Qualitative Study of Migrant Households in Rural Bangladesh
Migration and Development Journal, volume: 5 , issue: 1 , Year: 2016

Sikder, M., Ballis, H., Higgins, J. G. V.
Remittance Income and Social Resilience among Migrant Households in Rural Bangladesh
, Year: 2016

Jahan, H.S.
Archaeology of Buddhism in Bangladesh Prior to the 13th Century
Saptaparni, Year: 2016

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