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Mortuza, S.
Coyote and the Storyteller: Simon Ortiz Revisited
BAAS Journal, issue: Special Martin Luther King Issue , Year: 2015

Saleheen, M.S.U.
Errors in Writing: Identification of Problems and Need for refinement
Crossings: A Journal of English Studies, volume: 6 , issue: 2015 , Year: 2015

Chowdhury, G.S.
Translated Short Story, BLB , issue: SUMMER, 2015 , Year: 2015

Rahman, A.G.
Sonnets from the Portuguese: Understanding the Changes in the Sequencing
Rivier Academic Journal, Rivier University, Nashua, NH, USA, volume: 11 , issue: No. 1, Spring 2015 , Year: 2015

Mortuza, S.
The Curious Case of Kafka’s Odradek
Crossings, ULAB, volume: 5 , Year: 2015

Haq, K.
The Hijra Comes in from the Heat and Dust:Notes towards a definition of Bangladeshi
Wasafiri: an International Journal (U.K.), issue: Autumn , Year: 2015

Rahman, A.G. (and 9 others)
The Limits of Love (Translation)
Bengal Lights Literary Journal, issue: Summer 2015 , Year: 2015

Rahman, N. & Zaman, T.
The Unheard Stories of Sophocles’ Jocasta and Manto’s Women: Addressing Social Taboos through Experimental Adaptations in Bangladeshi Theater
Crossings, A Journal of English Studies, volume: 6 , issue: 2014 , Year: 2015

Rahman, A.G.
The Woman/Poet/Wife: Emily Dickinson and the Influence of Elizabeth Barrett Browning
Crossings: A Journal of English Studies, University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh, Dhaka, volume: 6 , issue: 2015 , Year: 2015

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