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Bashir, M.A, Choudhury, T.T., Khan, R.T.
Domestic and International Trade Liberalisation of the Indian Economy: Domestic firms & MNCs response
International Affairs and Global Strategy, volume: 20 , issue: No.1; 2014 , Year: 2014

Ahmad A.F.W. and Panni F.A.K.
Green Marketing Strategy: A Pedagogical View’
Consumerism in Business and Marketing: Concepts and Practices, Year: 2014

Islam Md.R., Khan T.R., Choudhury T.T., Adnan A.M.
How Earning Per Share (EPS) Affects on Share Price and Firm Value
European Journal of Business and Management, volume: 6 , issue: No.17, 2014 , Year: 2014

Ahmed, M.S. and Shil, S.
Protecting existing and prospective investors and the role of internal auditors
Independent Business Review, volume: 6, No. 2 , issue: 2014 , Year: 2014

Joarder, A.H. and Omar, M. H.
The Mathematical expectation of sample variance: A general approach.
Bulletin of Malaysian Mathematical Sciences Society, Year: 2014

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